Graphic Design Services for Authors

Extra promo graphics: Teasers with stock images. Promo graphics with reviews on them. I personally don't think two teaser images is enough to promote your book. I try and post one once a week to maintain my book's visibility.

Personalized header image designs for your website, Facebook, or Twitter.

Most publishers don't make one for you, so the average author has two options. You either pay someone to make one or you do it yourself. Lucky for you, I've been making videos with sound and texts for YEARS. It used to be a hobby, long before I got my Graphic Design degree.

Indie authors that self-publish are completely on their own. But don't worry, I can do book covers as well!

Graphic design services aren't always something an author thinks about. Especially if your publisher is making the cover for you. (As most do.)


We'll use my debut novel publishing experience as a reference. Yes, they made the cover. They also made (only) two graphic promo images for me.


And that's it.


Maybe that's all you want. Or maybe some of these things listed are something you didn't realize you needed.

Maybe you want personalized business cards, bookmarks, or other swag. It's always important to keep your brand consistent so people will recognize you.

How about a website? Sure, you might have one, and it might be great. But if it's not, I can help create a personalized website for you!

"I came to Lindsey with only a small idea of what I wanted and in a short amount of time, she designed colorful promo graphics that—in the few short weeks I used them during a sale for my editing business—my new clientele almost doubled. She's a pleasure to work with and has an eye for beautiful designs."



"I was a little intimidated by the website building process, but Lindsey's professionalism and knowledge put me at ease. She asked lots of questions about my needs and wants, listened to my concerns, and implemented my vision in little time. I am very pleased with the outcome and have received numerous comments about how great my new website looks. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Lindsey again...and hope to as my book nears its release date!" 

"My friend Liana De La Rosa recommended I use Lindsey's services to build my website and I am so glad she did. Lindsey was so great to work with and she made the process fun and stress-free. She was able to capture the look and aesthetic I was looking for and gave great advice and suggestions along the way. Lindsey did a phenomenal job on my website and I couldn't be happier. I'll definitely be recommending her to any friends who are looking for help with their websites in the future!"

You can also check out my Tumblr page full of graphics I've made here.


Design is where science and art break even.


- Mieke Gerritzen

Check out the trailer I made for The Heartbeat Hypothesis!

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