Author Toolbox: Why Your Book Will Never Be Perfect

This month for my Author Toolbox, I'm going to tell you why your book will never be perfect like you're wanting it to be. (Hopefully I'm not bursting any bubbles!)

That's what we all aim for, right? Perfection. The perfect book filled with the perfect words and the perfect plot with the perfect characters and setting. A book that will rock everyone's world and earn you awards and praise.

Well, you might earn awards and tons of praise, but you will never have a perfect book. And I'm going to prove it to you.

I'm going to use my debut as an example. THE HEARTBEAT HYPOTHESIS went through a bazillion edits, CPs, and Beta readers. It even went through an R&R. By that point, I thought my work was done. I'd edited the hell out of my manuscript and received enough great feedback to believe it was fabulous. What more could I do?

A lot, actually.

When Entangled Publishing acquired my book, they requested a good deal of changes. One MAJOR plot thing, and a bunch of other, smaller edits. To be honest, getting that first edit letter was hard to deal with. There I was, thinking I had a perfect manuscript, (and one that I sold!) but alas, it was not perfect...

Some of the edits were hard to swallow, and it took a few days to accept them and figure out how to stay true to my story. But I killed some darlings and made a lot of changes. And in case you're wondering, that was only edit round one - out of three.

After completing said edits, my book was complete and finally out of my hands. And you know what? I bet if I went back through it, I would find things to change. Words to swap out. Dialogue to modify. But at some point, you have to simply let go, knowing it will never be perfect. Not everyone will like it. Some plot points will thrill readers, and those same plot points will ruin the story for others.

(Subjectivity in a nutshell.)

So whether you're writing your first draft or your tenth, give yourself a break. Have you ever seen a book get all 5 star reviews? No. Have you ever found a book where someone didn't rip it to pieces, criticizing this, that, and the other? No.

We all desperately want everyone to love our book, but we all know deep inside, that will never happen. There's no such thing as a perfect book, a perfect character, a perfect plot - NOTHING is perfect.

So stop fretting. (Hard to do, I know.) You wrote a book? Well, you're amazing. You're working on a book? You're still amazing. Plenty of people want to write a book, but how many of them do?

You know the answer to that one. ;)

You created something magical, and in my opinion, it shouldn't be perfect. After all, what in life actually is?

What are your thoughts on perfection?

How do you decide when a book is good enough - since it can never be perfect?

(And can we all agree subjectivity is one hell of a witch?!)

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