#AuthorToolBoxBlogHop - Your Dream Agent Doesn't Exist (until...)

You've probably heard this advice: You shouldn't have a dream agent because you'll never know who that person is until you find them.

Well, it's true.

When I first started querying my second book years ago, I had found an agent whom I ADORED. I don't know what it was about her. Maybe her awesome personality or her friendly and helpful demeanor online? It didn't hurt that she was an agent who represented authors I love.

So I queried her - and she was my first full request ever. I was beyond stoked, to say the least. I had such high hopes! So I waited and waited until I received my rejection...

Hopes crushed.

But I kept querying her with later books I wrote, thinking, "Maybe she'll love this since I'm such a better writer now and I'm not a noob and I realize that book I sent you was SO not ready". She never requested anything else I wrote.

But I kept on keeping on, as us writers must. I kept writing. Kept writing. And then a funny thing happened. I found my agent with that EXACT same book I'd received a full request from by said "dream agent". (Of course it wasn't the same book. I'd edited it, got into Pitch Wars with it, queried and queried...until it happened.

I found the agent who gushed about all the things she loved about my story. And that. That right there, my writer friends, is what makes a dream agent. It only took a few minutes into my conversation with Naomi to know she was "the one".

I still think that my fake dream agent is an awesome agent, but she'll never beat the agent I was lucky enough to find.


Don't settle! I've seen friends settle and end up miserable. I almost settled once upon a time. I'm glad I didn't. You deserve a bad-ass, cheer-leading rock-star for an agent.

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