#PitchWars - My Successful Query

Pitch Wars hopefuls or not, all writers know queries are hard. REALLY hard. This final version is after a hundred edits (give or take) and had special help from my awesome mentor in 2016. It's my dual POV query that ultimately landed me my super fantastical agent - and then a two-book deal with Entangled Teen. Hopefully you find this useful when crafting and editing your own query.

Aiden is AIR’s greatest creation—ninety percent machine, ten percent human. Sure, he’s been officially “alive” for just a year, but to those who didn’t witness his development, he’s an average eighteen-year-old. That is, if you ignore his beyond-average intelligence and perfect memory. But when an ominous test labels him too human, the head of the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics lab demands his destruction. Desperate to avoid the death sentence, he escapes the facility outfitted with nothing but a stolen gun and titanium bones, and for the first time in his life, Aiden is on his own.

Soon after breaking out, he runs into Eva. Technically, she runs into him...with her car. When she sees the metal and wires beneath his injury, she knows exactly who he is. Her father is the head of AIR, the same man hell-bent on ending Aiden’s existence—but she’s not spilling that secret to the sweet, haunted boy. And because Eva peeked at her dad’s top-secret files, she knows things she shouldn’t: AIR is calling it project termination, but Eva finds murder a better term. Instead of turning him in, she agrees to help the frantic fugitive.

Using a weekend getaway as a ploy to hide Aiden, they have two days to figure out how to save his life. As the timer counts down, Aiden glimpses what it’s like to be human—what it’s like to be free. Eva’s the first girl he’s met, and she treats him as something more than a machine. When her hand is in his, he feels like he is more.

Suddenly, dying doesn’t just mean the end of a lonely life filled with tests, security cameras, and steel walls. Now it means losing the girl who’s shown him compassion, affection, and maybe even love. With AIR hunting him, Aiden is faced with a choice: stay with Eva, making her an accomplice to a federal crime, or let her go and give up everything that makes his life worth living.

PROJECT A.I.D.E.N. is a YA light sci-fi romance, complete at 71,000 words, told in both Aiden and Eva’s POV. It is a standalone novel with series potential. This manuscript was a finalist in Brenda Drake’s 2016 writing contest, Pitch Wars. My debut novel, The Heartbeat Hypothesis, a NA contemporary romance, is forthcoming 2017 from Entangled Publishing.

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